Concrete Cutting in Abu Dhabi

Concrete Cutting in Abu Dhabi

Star Core Cutting offers Concrete Cutting in Abu Dhabi. Concrete cutting is a process that is used to saw, drill and remove concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt with precision and accuracy. It is also widely used to create holes and openings through concrete walls and ceilings. Frequently used for removing unwanted concrete slabs and structures from industrial construction sites as well.

Concrete Cutting in Abu Dhabi includes:

  • Concrete core drilling is necessary for virtually all concrete structures.
  • Core drilling is used to create a circular opening in any concrete surface. From one inch to four feet, could not stop our modern machines.
  • Stitch drilling, method of connecting numerous holes to create a larger opening in tight areas where other equipment will not fit.
  • We have electric and hydraulic core drills.

As one of the most challenging tasks for operators, concrete cutting is one of the toughest because of the difficulty of working with hardened concrete. In fact, special tools are needed to complete the job without mistakes. Damaging underground utilities and electrical conduits under the concrete can be a common occurrence without the right tools, along with the diligence and oversight of the concrete cutting experts.

What is actually Concrete Cutting?

Concrete cutting refers to the process of using specialized tools and techniques to cut or shape concrete. It is an essential aspect of construction and demolition work, as it allows for the creation of precise openings, such as doors and windows, and the removal of concrete structures.

Methods of Concrete Cutting

There are several methods of concrete cutting, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common methods include:

  • Saw cutting: This involves the use of a diamond blade saw that is powered by electricity, gasoline, or diesel fuel. It is typically used for straight cuts and is best for cutting concrete slabs, walls, and floors.
  • Wall sawing: This method uses a large circular blade mounted on a track system, allowing the blade to be guided through the concrete wall. It is typically used to create precise openings in walls, such as doorways and windows.
  • Flat sawing: This method uses a large, flat blade that is designed to cut concrete flatwork, such as floor slabs, bridges, and highways.
  • Core drilling: This method involves the use of a diamond-tipped drill bit to create round openings, such as for plumbing or electrical conduit.
  • Chain sawing: This method uses a chain with diamond-tipped teeth to cut concrete. It is often used for demolition work and is best for removing large concrete structures.

Regardless of the method used, concrete cutting requires precision and skill. Cutting concrete can generate a lot of dust, noise, and vibration, so it is important to choose a professional concrete cutting company that is experienced and equipped to handle the job safely and efficiently.


In conclusion, concrete cutting is an essential aspect of construction and demolition work, and choosing a professional and experienced concrete cutting company can ensure that the job is done safely, efficiently, and to your specifications. Whether you need a small opening or the removal of a large concrete structure, a professional concrete cutting company has the expertise and equipment to handle any job.

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