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About Us

Star Core Cutting is leading core cutting, equipment rental and Demolition Services provider in UAE

We are in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al-Ain and other cities of United Arab Emirates. We have facilitated hundreds of clients in UAE with our Specialized and experienced services.

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Slab Sawing

Whether it’s a shallow cut or several feet deep, Star Core Cutting’s diamond blades bring the right slice at the right price.

Core Drilling

When client needs less cutting and more coring, we put down our concrete saw and pick up our core drill.

Wall Sawing

Sometimes our customers need cuts made to a vertical surface. That’s when we break out the concrete wall saw and get to work.

Equipment Rental

Star Core Cutting is the largest equipment rental logistics company in Abu Dhabi. We make it convenient and simple to locate the right construction equipment for you.

Demolition contractor

Star Core Cutting in one of best Demolition Contractor in Dubai. We specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Mechanical demolition in United Arab Emirates.

Concrete Cutting

Star Core Cutting offers Concrete Cutting in Abu Dhabi. Concrete cutting is a process that is used to saw, drill and remove concrete,

You can be your own Guiding star with our help