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Concrete Scanning
What is concrete Scaning?

What is concrete scanning?

Concrete scanning is a process or technique used to detect concrete rebar’s, and embedded utilities under the concrete surface. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to assess the integrity of the structure place. GPR is uses reflected radio waves, this concrete method is safe, non-destructive and versatile. This uses a special machine with the combination of advance software development make it easy to report the potential hazard regarding the cutting or drilling in the concrete.

Concrete Scanning
Sample picture of Scanning procedure.


The concrete scanning can be done before any Core Drilling or Core Cutting, Concrete Cutting.

Type of Structure Surface?

The concrete scanning can be done on any type of concrete structure, brick structure and hollow block structure. The concrete surface should be thoroughly cleaned and flat to do the concrete scanning.

Process of Concrete Scanning?

The consideration area of cutting, core cutting, or core drilling cleaned, and different type of machine requires different area eg Hilti PX-1000 uses 60 CM by 60 CM or 120 CM by 1200 CM area of the concrete. The technician uses special reference grid and scan the area.

Where to do concrete scanning?

Concrete scanning can be done almost every concrete surface. This should be done in the planning of any subsurface utility engineering, detection of existing utility and safety hazard recognition.

Why is concrete scanning important?

Ground penetrating radar is vital to the safety of personnel and the success of both new and existing concrete construction, utility placement, traffic control and underground utility repair, just to name a few.

GPR scans detect embedded electrical conduits, rebar, cables and other hazards which would otherwise be undetectable. Cutting or damaging these objects can undermine the strength and performance of the concrete, cause expensive damage to utilities and/or jeopardize the health and safety of workers and the general public.

Even better, ground penetrating radar scan data can give your leadership team more information, more quickly and more safely than X-ray, allowing you to more readily plan for CCTV pipe inspection, remediation, invasive testing and repairs such as pipe vacuum excavation and slab cutting, coring and drilling operations.

Final Words

Star core cutting and demolition services provide Concrete Scanning Services in across United Arab Emirates on economical rates without compromising on quality. You can contact us for your concrete scanning requirement in Al Ai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates.

Concrete Scanning Charges

The individual concrete scanning charges are expensive because so much time is consumed due to the mobilization, preparation and the lower quantity other hand commercial or under-construction building require little to no time for scanning and quantity is large which result in lower prices.

Contact us for the Scanning rates, which we will quote you according to your requirement.


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Core Cutting in Abu Dhabi

What Is Core Cutting?

Core Cutting is process or technique use for creating openings for Pipes, Wires, Ventilation or air conditioning vents to fit through concrete and avoiding damaging the concrete structure. Core cutting must be carefully planned. in the areas of redundant and non-critical stress. Stress areas core cutting should be planned carefully…! Read More

Core Cutting in UAE

Star Core Cutting (SCC) UAE, leading Core Cutting, Drilling, Wall Cutting, Door Cutting, Saw Cutting, Concrete Cutting, Slab Cutting, Demolition, Concrete Scanning services company in Dubai. We take care of all cutting, coring and demolition needs for our clients. We are specialized in core cutting services in Concrete, Hollow Block Wall, Hollow Block Slab and masonry structure. Star Core Cutting have facility of core cutting or drilling from 7 MM to 1500 MM diameter with various concrete depth and barrel extension. Star Core Cutting have advanced machineries for Horizontal, Vertical and inverted diamond drills for confined spaces.
We are specialize in Core cutting without water spillage, anchor fixing and dust free cutting for clean cutting.
Diamond cutting or drilling provides a reliable, flexible and vibration free cutting, which helps construction structure strong. Core Cutting helps in different construction work e. mechanical, electrical, telephone cables, heating and pipework conduits and ventilation shafts.

Star Core cutting in UAE provides;

Slab Sawing
Core Drilling
Wall Sawing
Wire Sawing
Hand Sawing

Following services are being provided by Star Core Cutting in United Arab Emirates.

Slab Sawing

Whether it’s a shallow cut or several feet deep, Star Core Cutting’s diamond blades bring the right slice at the right price. These large, walk-behind saws can be either diesel- or electric-powered, and they pack 30 to 40 horsepower—enough to effortlessly engrave into slabs, floors and pavement. Watching these wondrous machines saw through thick concrete never gets old!

Core Drilling

When client needs less cutting and more coring, we put down our concrete saw and pick up our core drill. Need a large hole drilled into a concrete surface or hundreds of smaller ones? Call us for core drilling.

Wall Sawing

Sometimes our customers need cuts made to a vertical surface. That’s when we break out the concrete wall saw and get to work. You’ll be amazed how it cleaves through brick, block and reinforced concrete with remarkable precision.

Wire Sawing

Every now and then, there’s a concrete cut so large or complex we have to bring in the cavalry—aka our wire sawing equipment. The diamond wire saw offers versatility in spades and is as innovative as it is effective.

Hand Sawing

Concrete cutting in tight spaces calls for special tools. With a concrete hand saw, we can squeeze into small or awkwardly shaped areas and make the cut you need. It’s a fact: Our concrete cutters can do the unthinkable with hand saws.

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