Core Cutting in Abu Dhabi

Core Cutting in Abu Dhabi

What Is Core Cutting?

Core Cutting is process or technique use for creating openings for Pipes, Wires, Ventilation or air conditioning vents to fit through concrete and avoiding damaging the concrete structure. Core cutting must be carefully planned. in the areas of redundant and non-critical stress. Stress areas core cutting should be planned carefully…!

Preparation of Core Cutting:

Concern person carefully mark the area, where Core Cutting is required. Using the metal detector, mark the position of rebar on the concrete surface and ensure the reinforcement bars are remain safe and if necessary, change the position to avoid damaging the concrete structure.


Core Cutting Machine

Core cutting machine consists of the following parts.


  1. Jack Screw
  2. Column
  3. Water Valve
  4. Electrical Motor
  5. Gear Box
  6. Spindle
  7. Stand




  • Core cutting is used to make provisional holes for the following purposes,
    • Electrical Wiring
    • Plumbing
    • Fire Fighting System
    • Rain Waters Outlet
    • Heating
    • Air Conditioning
    • Air Ventilation
  • Hole in the concrete can be done from the 08 MM to 1,500 MM in diameter using the Core Cutting machine which has different capacity and models.
  • Using the core drilling / cutting machine, stitching method use to cut the floor, open duct in concrete.

Advantage of Core Cutting

Following advantages of Core Cutting such as,

  1. To drill holes in concrete, core-cutting is a fast, accurate, and clean way.
  2. It requires much fewer labor hours which in turn leads to significantly lower operating costs and it is much faster and more efficient.
  3. In creating precise holes and cuttings with minimal or non-existent damage to the surroundings it is extremely effective.
  4. It eliminates dust and reduces the amount of waste.
  5. This process does not transfer the vibrations to the nearby structures and keeps them safe and during the drilling operations, it structure remain sound.

Dis-Advantage of Core Cutting

There are some elements of dis-advantage of the core cutting process.

  1. Core cutting procedure may result in the damage of structure problem if main rebar is cut in the core cutting operation.
  2. Core cutting machine may result in high cost as the machine is very expensive.
  3. Core cutting procedure required technical knowledge, supervision

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