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Core Cutting in Abu Dhabi

What Is Core Cutting?

Core Cutting is process or technique use for creating openings for Pipes, Wires, Ventilation or air conditioning vents to fit through concrete and avoiding damaging the concrete structure. Core cutting must be carefully planned. in the areas of redundant and non-critical stress. Stress areas core cutting should be planned carefully…! Read More

Demolition Contractor In Dubai
Demolition Contractor in Dubai

Star Core Cutting in one of best Demolition Contractor in Dubai. We specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Mechanical demolition in United Arab Emirates. Our dedicated team and skilled demolition professionals has completed many clients’ demolition project in a safe, orderly, timely, and cost-effective manner.. Read More

Concrete Cutting in Abu Dhabi

Star Core Cutting offers Concrete Cutting in Abu Dhabi. Concrete cutting is a process that is used to saw, drill and remove concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt with precision and accuracy. It is also widely used to create holes and openings through concrete walls and ceilings. Frequently used for removing unwanted concrete slabs and structures from industrial construction sites as well. Read More

Core cutting in Al-Ain

Star Core Cutting is a leading specialist for core cutting services in Al-Ain. We offer complete range of concrete and natural stone drilling services including core drilling diamond, wire sawing, track sawing, controlled demolition and stitch drilling.

Using the latest and most advanced technology and equipment, Star Core Cutting provides construction and demolition services quickly, safely and to the highest industry standards.

Diamond core drilling is the most effective technique to drill circular holes through any tough material including reinforced concrete and brickwork. We offer diamond core drilling service whatever your requirements, with a wide array of hole diameters available at any depth covering Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi and complete UAE.

Star Core Cutting operating countrywide, we are an excellent choice for any diamond drilling works located in UAE. With experience behind us, we guarantee a consistent and trustworthy service and plan to continue raising the benchmark for quality, safety, and value.

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  • Mussafah M09, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Industrial Area, Al Ain, U.A.E
Equipment Rental in Abu Dhabi

Star Core Cutting is the largest equipment rental logistics company in Abu Dhabi.. We make it convenient and simple to locate the right construction equipment for you. And, we offer flexibility on hauling charges. Star Core Cutting is your single source for all your equipment rental needs in Abu Dhabi.

Available equipment for rent in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our affordable and reliable heavy equipment rentals are ideal for both professionals and homeowners alike.


We provide wide range of generator’s powered by Diesel and Petrol. These generators are built with world-class standards for low fuel consumption and provide high efficiency. Our range of generators will help you to choose the right generator for your job requirements. We offer both type of generators;

  • Low & Medium Power Generators
  • High Power Generators

Low & Medium Power Generators

These generators are built with high class standard, easy to move. The Details are followed.
1. Petrol Generators
2. Diesel Generators
Benefits: Light Weight, easy access, compact design suit for low power requirements.

Generator for rent in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Generator on rent in Abu Dhabi, UAE

High Power Generators

Range 15 KVa to 500 KVa
Compact Design
Sound Proof built
Highly reliable, clean and cost effective.

Air Compressors

Variety 125 CFC to 350 CFM
Silent, Compact, Fuel Efficient and special application for various jobs.

Compaction Machines

wide variety, Small to heavy use. types 2,

1. plate compactors powered by Diesel and Petrol
2. Roller compactor = 2 types

I. walk behind roller compactors
II. Driver roller compactors

powered by diesel.

Bar Bending & Cutting machines

These are used in building construction, road construction, bridge construction and bar process plant. We provide Bar Bending & Cutting machines on rent in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Floor cleaning and Polishing Machines

Best Floor cleaning and Polishing Machines are available for rent in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Core Cutting Abu Dhabi

Star Core Cutting offers Best Core Cutting Services provider in Abu Dhabi. Our complete range of Concrete Cutting techniques and technologies allow us to choose the best method for your requirements. Using the latest Diamond Cutting technology we offer specialized, speedy services with minimal noise, dust and debris. Get the results you want, on time and within your budget.

We use highly mobile surface core drill rigs configured as truck and track mounted. We offer a complete suite of surface diamond drilling services. Star Core Cutting use the most productive, technologically advanced equipment available in the industry to provide Core Cutting Services in Abu Dhabi. Our diamond drilling fleet enables all standard core sizes to a depth of 2,450 metres.

Core Cutting Abu Dhabi Offers:

Wire Sawing

Floor Sawing

Wall Sawing

Diamond Wire Sawing is perfect when there’s a need to remove large areas of heavily reinforced concrete in areas where there is limited access. Floor Sawing is ideal for cleanly cutting horizontal concrete or asphalt surfaces; such as runways, roads and pavements – at depths of up to 700mm. Wall saws are extremely versatile, cutting concrete walls both horizontally and vertically and can be used where heavier floor saws are not feasible.

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  • Mussafah M09, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Industrial Area, Al Ain, U.A.E
Core Cutting in UAE

Star Core Cutting (SCC) UAE, leading Core Cutting, Drilling, Wall Cutting, Door Cutting, Saw Cutting, Concrete Cutting, Slab Cutting, Demolition, Concrete Scanning services company in Dubai. We take care of all cutting, coring and demolition needs for our clients. We are specialized in core cutting services in Concrete, Hollow Block Wall, Hollow Block Slab and masonry structure. Star Core Cutting have facility of core cutting or drilling from 7 MM to 1500 MM diameter with various concrete depth and barrel extension. Star Core Cutting have advanced machineries for Horizontal, Vertical and inverted diamond drills for confined spaces.
We are specialize in Core cutting without water spillage, anchor fixing and dust free cutting for clean cutting.
Diamond cutting or drilling provides a reliable, flexible and vibration free cutting, which helps construction structure strong. Core Cutting helps in different construction work e. mechanical, electrical, telephone cables, heating and pipework conduits and ventilation shafts.

Star Core cutting in UAE provides;

Slab Sawing
Core Drilling
Wall Sawing
Wire Sawing
Hand Sawing

Following services are being provided by Star Core Cutting in United Arab Emirates.

Slab Sawing

Whether it’s a shallow cut or several feet deep, Star Core Cutting’s diamond blades bring the right slice at the right price. These large, walk-behind saws can be either diesel- or electric-powered, and they pack 30 to 40 horsepower—enough to effortlessly engrave into slabs, floors and pavement. Watching these wondrous machines saw through thick concrete never gets old!

Core Drilling

When client needs less cutting and more coring, we put down our concrete saw and pick up our core drill. Need a large hole drilled into a concrete surface or hundreds of smaller ones? Call us for core drilling.

Wall Sawing

Sometimes our customers need cuts made to a vertical surface. That’s when we break out the concrete wall saw and get to work. You’ll be amazed how it cleaves through brick, block and reinforced concrete with remarkable precision.

Wire Sawing

Every now and then, there’s a concrete cut so large or complex we have to bring in the cavalry—aka our wire sawing equipment. The diamond wire saw offers versatility in spades and is as innovative as it is effective.

Hand Sawing

Concrete cutting in tight spaces calls for special tools. With a concrete hand saw, we can squeeze into small or awkwardly shaped areas and make the cut you need. It’s a fact: Our concrete cutters can do the unthinkable with hand saws.

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  • Mussafah M09, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Industrial Area, Al Ain, U.A.E

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